JSU: Empowering Your Startup Journey

Welcome to JSU (Jobs StartUp), your dedicated recruitment partner specializing in the dynamic world of startups. At JSU, we understand the unique challenges and exhilarating opportunities that come with startup culture. We're here to bridge the gap between visionary companies and exceptional talent, ensuring a perfect match that fuels growth and innovation.


For Companies

In the fast-paced startup world, finding the right talent is about more than just skills; it's about finding individuals who align with your vision, culture, and pace. At JSU, we excel in identifying and attracting talent that not only meets your technical requirements but also embodies your entrepreneurial spirit. Our approach goes beyond traditional recruitment; we leverage our extensive network, industry insights, and a keen understanding of your unique startup ethos to connect you with professionals who are ready to dive deep and drive your venture forward. With JSU, you gain access to a curated pool of candidates who are as passionate about your success as you are.


For Candidates

Embarking on a career with a startup can be both thrilling and daunting. At JSU, we're here to make this journey seamless and rewarding. We don't just find you a job; we connect you with a mission that resonates with your aspirations, skills, and personality. Our deep dive into the startup ecosystem, combined with our commitment to understanding your career goals, allows us to present opportunities that are not just jobs, but career-defining roles. Whether you're passionate about disruptive technology, sustainable solutions, or groundbreaking services, your JSU personal recruiter is dedicated to finding the perfect startup environment where you can thrive.

Our Philosophy

At JSU, we believe in "Filtering the Noise." In an industry flooded with possibilities, our role is to distill the essence of what truly matters to both candidates and companies. Through open communication, unwavering trust, and a relationship-centric approach, we dedicate our efforts to understanding and fulfilling your specific needs. We value your time and promise to focus solely on opportunities and candidates that align with your criteria, ensuring a streamlined and effective recruitment process.

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Meet Our Team

Robert Curtis

Robert Curtis, CEO
Robert is the founder of JSU and a visionary who saw in JSU more than just a recruitment company from its earliest days. His passion for innovation and entrepreneurship guides the strategic development of the company and helps startups find not just employees, but true like-minded individuals.

Kathy Olson

Kathy Olson, COO
Kathy brings organizational strength and operational efficiency to JSU. Her ability to develop growth plans and implement project management systems ensures the smooth operation of all company processes.

Greg Alvarez

Greg Alvarez, CFO
Greg is responsible for JSU's financial stability and growth. His strategic approach to financial management and investments allows us not only to grow but also to maintain a high level of service for our clients and candidates.

Eileen Hunter

Eileen Hunter, Lead Recruiter
Eileen has a unique talent for finding talented specialists for the most innovative startups. Her intuition and professionalism in recruitment help candidates find their dream jobs.

Michael Martin

Michael Martin, Client Relations Manager
Michael is the company's face for our clients. His ability to listen and understand client needs helps build long-term and fruitful relationships.

Stephanie Clark

Stephanie Clark, Marketing Specialist
Stephanie is responsible for developing and implementing JSU's marketing strategies. Her creative approach and market knowledge allow us to effectively attract both clients and candidates.

JSU Services

Talent Acquisition for Startups
We specialize in finding highly qualified professionals who can significantly contribute to the growth and development of startups. Our approach is tailored to each client, allowing us to find candidates that perfectly match the company's culture and goals.
Hiring Strategy Consultation
Beyond direct recruitment, we offer consulting services to startups on optimizing their hiring strategies. This includes developing effective selection processes, evaluating candidates, and integrating new employees into the team.
HR Function Outsourcing
For startups that need HR management support but do not require a full HR department, we offer HR function outsourcing services. This can include managing employment relations, developing policies and procedures, and support with compliance issues.
Team Training and Development
We provide training and development programs for startup employees aimed at enhancing their professional skills, strengthening team spirit, and increasing overall work productivity. This includes leadership training, project management, communication skills, and other key competencies.
Employer Branding Support
We help startups build an attractive and recognizable employer brand that draws top talent. This includes developing unique employee value propositions, presenting the company in the market, and creating effective campaigns to attract attention.
Employee Moving Support
For startups hiring talents from abroad or other regions, we offer relocation and moving support services. This ensures a smooth transition for new employees, helping them to quickly adapt and start working in a new environment.

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